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Wool rancher with decorative band, adjustable inner velcro strap for sizing and lining.




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Instructions for Spot Cleaning?

Use a soft brush such as an unused soft-bristled toothbrush or a hat brush specially designed for felt hats.

Start on one side of the hat and work your way around with short, gentle counter-clockwise strokes along the direction of the fabric's nap to maintain the material's integrity while removing dust, dirt, and lint. (continued here)

How to reverse a Wavy / Warped Brim?

Designate a clean flat surface that can withstand heat.

Use your iron on steamer setting (make sure it's pushing out a lot of steam) and lightly brush the hot air around the brim either on the specific spot you're trying to flatten, or the whole way around.

Immediately after steaming —and while your hat is still hot and soft, take it over to the designated surface and lay it flat. (continued here)

Instructions for Cleaning the Entire Hat?

Fill a bowl with cold water — never hot water as that will very likely ruin the hat.

Add a small amount of mild, non-bleach laundry detergent (about a teaspoon) such as Woolite until it's dissolved.

Before you dunk the entire hat in the cool water, spot test it first by soaking a small, unnoticeable part of it for a few minutes to make sure the color doesn't bleed. (continued here)

How do your Wool Felt & Straw Hat sizes run?

Most of our hat bases run at a 58/59cm inner circumference with an adjustable inner velcro or drawstring to size down, as needed. Product detail sections will indicate whether or not this applies per item.

About us

Founded in 2000 and originally based out of Nu'uanu on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, what started as an artistic outlet for owner, Pri, has evolved into a revered headwear brand that is proudly woman owned + women inspired.

"Olive" signifies celestial love and on the contrary, "Pique" means to hate. One cannot exist without the other - this applies to all things in life and it is a constant effort to harmonize. We draw inspiration and bring forth designs based around this balance, for the balance. With a reality full of highs and lows, we focus on embracing the feelings in between - making us more capable of loving, growing and giving.

Join us in the journey of finding the hat for your soul. 



Classic structured wool felt rancher with tonal binding and a thin grosgrain band.

Features a rich champagne satin lining adding to the overall quality look & feel.

Adjustable one-size fit. 59cm base with an ajustable inner velcro strap for sizing.

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Dreamy Florals

Add your own Flavor

With a clean canvas to adventure on, our wool felts are a suberb option to get creative. Add your own florals and decor to fit your style or any event.

Time to get outdoors, take a walk and gather your materials to make your very own art piece.


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